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Robinsons Homes did not skimp with this development to make it affordable. They made the houses and lots here to be affordable by making use of the most innovative technologies, building practices and techniques so that they could operate efficiently while still putting out a quality living space for you and your family. With their focus on making quality homes they didn’t just stop with the buildings they made but also made sure that the community environment and layout was of the best quality with a number of modern facilities for homeowners to enjoy. 

The houses here are made with the best amenities to ensure they are well built and will last long while having that aesthetic appeal you want to find in a modern home. Here the houses are made with steel roof framing systems and roofs consists of concrete roof tiles. The walls are plastered and painted on the exterior and interior with bedroom partitions being made with painted plywood. The floors on the ground floors consist of vitrified floor tiles whilst in second floor rooms the floors consist of vinyl tiles.

The ceilings on the ground floor are painted under slab ceilings and on the second floor you can find fiber cement board on metal furring frame ceilings. Entrance doors are made from solid wood while the bathroom doors are made with PVC. Bedroom doors are made with flush hollow core. Windows are all steel casement type windows. Toilet and Bathrooms feature glazed ceramic walls and are complete with plumbing fixtures. The kitchen features a tiled counter top along with a stainless steel kitchen sink. 

All houses are complete with complete plumbing systems and complete electrical systems with switch and breaker. All houses come with at least one carport for a single vehicle. 

Not included are your cornices, baseboards, cabinets, closets, lanai, laundry and pavement. 

The community has a number of onsite facilities to cater to you and your family. This provides you with opportunity to have entertainment options and can take part in leisure activities without leaving the property. You can feel safe in this gated community that has a main entrance gate complete with guard house. Inside the property you will find a number of landscaped parks and play areas suitable for your family to have some outdoor time. There is also the clubhouse that can be used for parties and gatherings as well as spending time with your family outside of your own home and without having to be in the outdoors. 

If you are a water lover you will be happy to know that he community has a lap pool as well as a children’s pool so you can enjoy warm days by the water without leaving the property. If you love to be active then you will love the multipurpose court that is available for your entertainment and physical fitness needs. There is also a dedicated fitness center for residents who which to exercise in a gym setting or for those who have to exercise during the day when it may be too hot to be outside on the court or in one of your landscaped park areas. 

  • Main Entry Gate with Guardhouse
  • Landscaped Parks & Play Areas
  • Clubhouse 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-purpose Play Court
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